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The Internet in Myanmar has been switched to fixed broadband and we are now an independent news service that provides free, accurate and unbiased news to the people of Myanmar in Burmese and English. We are a privately held company founded by a managing director with a long history of business experience in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon offers exceptionally well-appointed and beautifully decorated rooms, luxurious amenities and a unique design. The Elevate Conference has been described as one of the most prestigious conferences in the Myanmar area. This unique luxury complex offers a variety of events and events for business, business meetings, conferences and private parties.

As Hilton Worldwide expands its presence in Myanmar, it is committed to building on its corporate responsibility strategy and creating opportunities for individuals as part of its commitment to human rights and social justice. This will further strengthen Hilton's position as a global leader in social responsibility in the region.

The partnership with the US Embassy is a milestone and will enable us to be the first hotel in the Asia-Pacific to have a United States liaison office. The decision to host a key meeting that will foster the relationship between the United States Government and Myanmar is a significant moment in our legacy, as we are one of only three Asia Pacific hotels with such a presence in Myanmar. We were chosen because we are committed to engaging key leaders in promoting important conversations within our relationship with governments both in the United State of Myanmar and beyond.

The US Liaison Office will facilitate increased engagement between the US Embassy in Naypyidaw and the Government of Myanmar. This once again demonstrates the importance of our partnership with the U.S. Embassy and our commitment to developing a positive relationship between our hotels and the government.

As more foreign embassies will move to the capital soon, the US Embassy in Naypyidaw and the US Liaison Office in Myanmar will be located in the same building as our hotel.

India and Myanmar are currently working on the opening of the port of Sittwe, while a joint venture between India, Myanmar and Thailand (including Thailand) will soon commence for the construction of a new port in the south of the country. For a complete list of what to do in Myanmar, check out our guide to finding the best hotels in Naypyidaw, the most popular tourist destination in Myanmar.

GalaTourist is the best travel agency in Vietnam, specialized in organizing trips to the most popular tourist destinations in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The government - led by Star High Public Company of Myanmar - has provided a 4-star hotel in Surgut (4th place) and a 2-room hotel (5th place) in Naypyidaw (1st place out of 17 hotels) for sale. Our guide to the ranking of 1 to 17 hotels in and around Surgerut provides a complete list of the best hotels and restaurants in the city. Typically, it's a tried and true affair with good food, good service and good prices.

The company has three hotels in the development pipeline that will be opened in the coming years in Naypyidaw, Surgut and Mandalay. Hilton Mandalays is a 300-room hotel that comprises a 4-star hotel, a 2-room hotel and a 3-room hotel. Two hotels have opened, and three more will follow in the next three years, according to the company's website.

Myanmar is one of India's strategic neighbours, and the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea straddles the Republic of Bangladesh and India, home to more than half of the 1.3 billion people. The Shan state is the largest in Myanmar, but northeastern states, including the militia, hit Nagaland and Manipur, bordering Myanmar. Myanmar's conflict with Bangladesh, the main cause of the problem, has been the biggest source of tension between India and Myanmar in recent years.

When Myanmar shut down the Internet in the two states a year ago, lawyer Oo Twan Hla, who once checked online when his cases were scheduled, said he traveled to the war zone to read signs. Zaw Moe Ko was on his way to pay for his wife and three children in Bangladesh before the pandemic struck.

The Yulara Resort is home to many, many Lightworkers who have come to see and participate in the transformation of the energy of Saturn - Pluto conjunction to complete an ancient umbilical cord ceremony that may have been interrupted an eon ago. The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the behest of Sathya Sai Baba and his son Kyaw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the webinar promised to be a good one. Speaker Sriranganatha Raju gave one of many lectures dealing with the teachings and missions of his mission. In the new decade, we are witnessing the beginning of a new era of peace and prosperity for the people of Myanmar and for the whole of Asia.

More About Naypyidaw

More About Naypyidaw